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January 01, 2020

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'Fossil fuels protect us': Liberal backbencher tells party not to worry about climate

October 02, 2018

Craig Kelly, chair of the Coalition's backbench environment and energy, told Liberal Party members not to be concerned about climate change

Craig Kelly ‘can’t see’ how NEG can lower power prices

August 08, 2018

Coalition’s backbench committee on climate and energy chairman Craig Kelly tells Ross Greenwood he has “a couple of concerns”.“We’ve seen examples everywhere overseas and even here in Australia, the more renewables you force into the grid artificially, the higher electricity prices become."

Craig Kelly says AGL needs to sell Liddell: ‘There is a clear argument’

April 08, 2018

Liberal backbencher Craig Kelly believes “there is a clear argument” AGL should sell Liddell power station.

Appointed Chairman of the Backbench Environment and Energy Committee, Mr Kelly tells Ross Greenwood not selling Liddell would be a mistake. “There is a clear argument under our existing competition law that AGL would be engaging in a misuse of their market power by closing Liddell down and not offering it to a competitor.”

Key backbencher warns Frydenberg to tread carefully on energy policy

April 04, 2018

One of key backbench rebels pushing for more coal-friendly policies through the so-called Monash Forum has warned the energy minister, Josh Frydenberg, to tread carefully on the design of the national energy guarantee. Craig Kelly, who is the chair of the Turnbull government’s backbench environment and energy committee, told Guardian Australia that Frydenberg only had party-room sign-off for the broad concepts of the national energy guarantee – not any of the specifics.

Government MPs Break Ranks to Back Full Citizenship Audit

October 31, 2017

Government MPs are joining growing calls for a "full audit" of MPs' citizenship status, with one describing the ongoing constitutional saga as the "death of a thousand cuts" of the Parliament.

Craig Kelly, Liberal MP for the Sydney seat of Hughes, said the Australian Electoral Commission was best placed to conduct the audit.

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